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So thanks to a friend’s awesomeness, I have access to a proper Linux VM kicking it in a real datacenter! This means I can finally move the content off of my home server!

So Bung (the VM) will now serve my static content for the various sites I host, and Pants (local server) will be for services. This should simplify a lot of things, and give me a bit more experience with a) Ubuntu as a server and b) running a VM server.

In addition to switching up hosts, I’m also switching up HTTPD services. I’ve dealt exclusively with Apache (1.3 and 2) in the past. The same friend that is providing the VM also convinced me to give Nginx (wiki.nginx.org) a shot. It’s taken quite a bit of getting used to, but it does seem to be crazy fast, and the config gets a lot easier as you go along.

I have already migrated the sites under the scummbox.org umbrella, and am just rsync-ing the content for the other domains that I host. Hopefully the remainder of the sites will be relocated by this weekend!


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