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As hinted in the last post, Scummbox.org is running some new services.

To facilitate remote access to my network, OpenVPN has been installed. It was a cinch to install, and through some trial and error I have gotten additional routes passed through to access my home network range from any remote location.

Also installed was TinyProxy. This allows users connected to the VPN to (transparently!) access sites that may be blocked at their location.

A final new service running is GnuMP3d… A remote playlist/streaming client that is tucked behind the VPN to prevent rampant and unauthorized¬†usage.

On the workstation front, I’ve gone from running Kubuntu to Windows Vista to Windows 7 Beta/RC. Windows 7 is running extremely well and has offered me no problems as of yet. A side effect of going back to Windows is that I’m playing World of Warcraft again, as well as EVE Online. And what’s the side effects of playing games on a PC?

Hardware upgrades. The workstation has gotten a new PCIe 2.0 ATI video card. A 4870 HD with 1GB of GDDR5, to be exact. And with that also came two 22″ widescreen monitors running at 1680×1050 for an amazing amount of desktop¬†real estate.

It has been a frenzy of upgrades and updates and taking chances on new software, but it’s paying off big time!

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